Crawler cranes

Our powerful crawler cranes from Liebherr and Demag, the largest cranes in our fleet, move even the heaviest loads over rough terrain in a safe and economical manner. Whether for building construction, infrastructure, or wind energy project, in the industrial or petrochemical sector, crawler cranes are convincing even in tight spaces and are mobilized worldwide. They are often the most cost-effective solution, especially for long-term construction sites.

Royal Arena Copenhagen

Lifting of nine steel girders for the roof structure of the Royal Arena in Copenhagen with an individual weight of up to 300 t using two crawler cranes to a height of up to 60 m.

The Royal Arena in Denmark's capital was planned as a multifunctional hall and will be used for sporting events, concerts and cultural events after completion. The total construction volume amounts to around 750 million Danish kroner, which corresponds to around 100 million euros. Schmidbauer was commissioned to lift nine steel girders of the roof structure together with an LR 1350/1 from the client. We used a CC 2400-1 and 6 axes SPMT. The steel structures, which weigh up to 300 t, were lifted to a height of 60 m using the crawler cranes, then moved along the stadium and set down.
It was a special achievement of the guide to let the two crawler cranes run synchronously. The coordination had to be done exclusively by radio, because due to the width and height of the arena, neither the crane drivers could see each other, nor could the marshaller see both cranes at a glance. Thanks to our well-trained crane staff this task could be solved safely.

Thanks to many years of experience in stadium construction as well as major projects that had already been carried out in Denmark, Schmidbauer was the right partner for lifting and transporting the large components for this construction project.



  • 6 axes SPMT with PPU
  • CC 2400-1 SSL 72 m main boom and 160 t SL counterweight


Location: Copenhagen
Period: 2015

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