The track and field athletes of "Team Schmidbauer" on their way to the Olympics 2021

Despite Corona: For our athletes of Team Schmidbauer from TSV Gräfelfing there are big goals coming up this year: none less than the Olympic Games in Tokyo!

First of all 400-meter runner Johannes Trefz. Despite the conditions in all the difficult Corona-ridden winter months, he was able to continue as a professional athlete and keep training with only minor restrictions. That was extremely important, because the Olympic Games in Tokyo are his big dream:
"I work hard every day to be able to participate," says the TSV athlete about his current training situation.

He had only recently returned from Gran Canaria from a four-week training camp with the German Athletics Association. There Johannes was able to prepare in particular for his first highlight, the World Relay Championships in Chorzów, Poland. A placement among the best eight would already have been a ticket for the Olympics. But unfortunately it had not quite worked out in this 4×400 meter mixed competition with the DLV relay team. They missed their goal by a 100/sec. It remains exciting and there are still a few hurdles to take for the qualification.

"I have to deliver my best performance at the German Championships on June 5-6, because this is where it will be decided who will ultimately be allowed to compete," explains the TSV long sprinter. That the Games will take place in Tokyo is as good as certain for Johannes Trefz. "I assume that the Olympics will be held even if spectators will most likely be missing." Trefz is also confident about his own form, aiming to run a new personal best this year. "After two years with minor injuries I want to stay injury-free this time in addition to a new personal best," the 400-meter runner said.

In any case, the 28-year-old can continue to count on the support of his sponsors. Schmidbauer has promised support until the European Championships in Munich in August 2022. The Bundeswehr also gives the TSV athlete its full backing, as do his two coaches Peter Rabenseifner and Korbinian Mayr, who try every day to bring out even more potential at the sports field in Lochham.

But Johannes Trefz alone is not our only hope for the Olympics. With Arne Leppelsack, TSV Gräfelfing has another hot iron in the fire for international assignments.In contrast to his older club colleague, however, he is currently focusing on the U23 European Championships which will take place in Bergen, Norway

"My goal is to start there for the relay and maybe get a starting spot in the individual event," Leppelsack said of his targets for the season. Participation in the Olympics could also be in sight for him but he is planning without a starting spot at this time. "It depends on so many factors that I can't influence, so I'm trying to do my best this year, and if it does work out, of course I'll start," explained the 21-year-old.

He, too, is convinced that the Games will take place in Tokyo. "Albeit with strict hygiene regulations, without much freedom of movement for the participants, many tests and a high vaccination rate among athletes/supervisors," Leppelsack said. Meanwhile, preparations for the upcoming season are promising. Thanks to the support of the Bavarian Athletics Association and his club, he can also continue training without major restrictions. Although Arne set himself a target time of 46.7 seconds for the stadium lap this year, his focus is more on sustainable development as a young athlete into the world's best.

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