Icy News from Antarctica

The Chilean Naval Force continues to provide logistical support with the AP-41 'Aquiles' to bases on the white continent, supplying them with supplies. Recent images show the unloading on GARS O'Higgins with our crane of the delivered cargoes over pontoons. The ship continued to perform various tasks for the 2021-2022 Antarctic campaign after the transshipment in harsh weather conditions with snowfall.
Throuout the Antarctic winter of 2021, we had a crane driver on standby for work. After months in Antarctica, the crane driver was brought back to the Chilean mainland in time for Christmas and replaced by a colleague.The customer's 3rd campaign will now start in the Antarctic summer. It is expected that much progress will be made in the further work to renew the German station. We will continue to keep you informed and provide you with new updates and pictures.