Premiere of the LR 1800 crawler crane: Schmidbauer erects wind turbine in Münchberg for Vensys Energy

In May, Schmidbauer, the renowned specialist for crane and lifting technology, installed a new wind turbine in Münchberg/Jehsen for Vensys Energy AG. The main player is a strong crawler crane: the LR 1800 from Liebherr was purchased, among other things, for use in wind farms and is celebrating its premiere in this project.

The Schmidbauer heavy lift team needs five days to assemble the wind turbine. The 800-ton crane is supported by an additional 200-ton auxiliary crane. CEO Werner Schmidbauer explains: "The LR 1800 was among others designed for operations with new heights in the wind industry. The assembly of the wind turbine went flawlessly which is also due to the great expertise of our team. With our extensive experience in the erection of wind turbines as well as the expanded fleet of vehicles, we are more than equipped to play an active role in shaping the energy transition."

The LR 1800 crawler crane enables the erection of taller wind turbines

The 800-ton is one of the most powerful crawler cranes on the market. It impresses with its outstanding lifting performance and the ability to be transported cost-effectively worldwide. With a machine width of only three meters and an increased design height, the 800-tonner is suitable for numerous applications. Standard quick links for lifting the superstructure facilitate transport to the construction site, while the V-frame allows enormous adjustment ranges for the derrick ballast radius between 14 and 23 meters.

With its heavy-duty vehicle fleet and expertise in the erection of wind turbines, Schmidbauer proves once again that it is a reliable partner for the expansion of renewable energies.