Schmidbauer branches take delivery of Tadano city cranes

If there is one thing that the team at Schmidbauer knows, it is that the Tadano AC 3.045-1 is a fantastic crane – that is why the company ordered six of them last year. Tadano delivered the first three back in November, and numbers four and five have been handed over now: One of them is intended for the Fricke-Schmidbauer location in Brunswick, while the other is meant for Schmidbauer in Ingolstadt.

Fricke-Schmidbauer had already received one crane from the first delivery, and the team there is very happy with it: “The extremely compact AC 3.045-1 City is simply our crane of choice when it comes to projects in urban areas and tight work sites. That’s why our team is really excited about getting another one of these cranes for our fleet,” reports Fricke-Schmidbauer Managing Director Dr. Mitja Schimek. His colleague Christian Schlagbauer, the branch manager at Schmidbauer in Ingolstadt, also has words of praise for the compact design and the resulting maneuverability behind the AC 3.045-1 City. “On top of that, the crane has extraordinary lifting capacities – generally and, especially, when telescoping under load. This makes it simply unbeatable from our perspective when it comes to indoor projects,” he adds.

And since Schmidbauer ordered all six AC 3.045-1 City units with an e-Pack prep package for zero-emission crane operation, the cranes can even make full use of these advantages in cleanrooms. This not only expands the range of applications for a crane that is already extremely versatile, but is also crucial for the company’s green future, as the team at the Schmidbauer Group will tell you.

Source: Schmidbauer branches take delivery of Tadano City cranes (