100-year Old Oak Tree Floats to Its New Place

At the end of February, a hundred-year-old and almost 20-meter-high oak tree in Fürstenfeldbruck was replanted within a construction site owned by Meister Wohnbau, as it had to make room for the construction of an underground parking garage. This spectacle was of course followed live by many interested people.

In order to protect the tree, which is worth preserving, the sensitive root system was underpinned by means of a 6 m x 6 m x 1.5 m construction by the Opitz company and a supporting scaffold was erected. The tree was given a kind of giant flower pot with which it could be lifted out of the ground. With a special support harness made of our modular trusses, each with a length of 6.0 m and 20 m long ropes, this resulted in an impressive total weight of almost 110 tons. Our LTM 1650-8.1 was equipped with 155 tons of ballast and mast bracing and the boom was extended to 45 meters. After that, the oak tree including the transport formwork was carefully and precisely lifted and then briefly set down to realign the crane. After a trajectory of almost 35 meters, it was finally placed. Our experienced crane operators and the entire team successfully placed the gigantic tree with the gigantic crane in its new location, where it can finally live on for the next 300-400 years.

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Fürstenfeldbruck: Eine 20 Meter hohe Eiche schwebt an einen neun Platz - Fürstenfeldbruck - SZ.de (sueddeutsche.de)
Baumrettung mit gigantischem Aufwand: 100 Jahre alte Eiche wird für Tiefgarage umgepflanzt (merkur.de)
Fürstenfeldbruck : 100 Jahre alte Eiche verpflanzt

Location: Maisacher Straße 33 , Fürstenfeldbruck
Date: 24.02.2022


  • LTM 1650-8.1