95 ton Transformer Transport to Zell am Ziller

Winding roads and a 12 percent gradient: From the end of April to the beginning of May 2022, Schmidbauer transported a 95-ton transformer from Regensburg to Zell am Ziller (Austria) for the Gerlos hydroelectric power plant located there. It was only thanks to increased axle loads and thrust support from the PPU (PowerPack Unit) that the operation could be carried out successfully and the transformer maneuvered to its final location. The reason? With the slope there of 12 percent and the very narrow and winding access road, optimal handling would otherwise not have been possible.

For Schmidbauer, the transport of the transformer started in Regensburg by means of a 4-axle tractor equipped with a 12-axle low-loader and a flatbed. Although the journey and arrival in Zell am Ziller went smoothly, however, the transformer could not be installed at its destination without further ado. It first had to be manually reloaded onto a crane vehicle.

Thanks to the 4-axle tractor with 7-axle roller and the PPU, the Schmidbauer team was thus able to master even the last leg of the transport. The PPU served as a pushing support for the tractor, the increased axle loads provided additional support and the necessary safety for all involved. In the last step, the transformer could be transported to the intended foundation by manual delay.


Location: Zell am Ziller (Austria)
Period of use: 29.04.2022 through 04.05.2022


  • 4-axle tractor unit with 12-axle low loader and flat bed
  • 4-axle tractor with 7-axle roller and PPU
  • Loading crane