Land in sight: Schmidbauer assists in unloading the MS KUGELBAKE

Unloading of the 13 transport frames (Maia frames) from MS KUGELBAKE arriving from the offshore wind project Seamade in Oostende followed by transport to the mainland in Cuxhaven.

In the course of the return of nacelle transport frames Schmidbauer faced a challenge under difficult conditions in Cuxhaven in December 2020: The MS KUGELBAKE had to be unloaded at night and in fog. 13 transport frames were moved from Oostende in Belgium to the port of Cuxhaven in Germany. A strong partner with professional equipment was needed to provide technical support for the project – Schmidbauer and the 6-axle SPMT were chosen. Unloading the transport frames from the ship via the so-called RORO ramp onto the mainland was not an easy undertaking: with the 6-axle SPMT Schmidbauer was able to safely unload the frames despite impaired weather conditions and moderate visibility. The arrival of the MS KUGELBAKE in the harbor late that evening in darkness presented an additional challenge. The SPMT, amongst other things in demand for carrying enormous loads, equipped with special axle lighting managed the unloading of the Maia frames and the handling of the operation within the given tidal window to the great satisfaction of all parties on site.

In addition to Schmidbauer, the main customer Blue Water Shipping A/S also cooperated with Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG and Blue Water Breb GmbH for the return of the nacelle transport frames. Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co .KG acted as transport between the ports while Blue Water Breb GmbH was responsbile for the unloading in Cuxhaven.



  • SPMT 6 Achsen
  • 6-axle SPMT

Location: Cuxhaven, LP 9.3 RORO ramp

Duration: December 2020