New bridge construction A3 Rosenhof

Renewal of the bridge on the A3 motorway for 6-lane expansion in Regensburg-Rosenhof.

Near Regensburg between the junctions Regensburg-University and Rosenhof, the highway was completely closed after 8 pm. The reason for this was the use of a 500 t mobile crane and 300 t mobile crane that renewed the motorway bridge in Regensburg-Rosenhof. This was a subproject of the overall expansion of the A3 near Regensburg. The new bridge was adapted to the width of the future A3, which will be expanded to six lanes. On a starry night, the AC 500-2 and GMK 6300L mobile cranes managed the lifting of a total of five prefabricated bridge girders (VFT bridge girders). The yellow giants lifted the 51 m long and 78 t heavy parts made of steel and concrete with ease and precision.

A special contribution to the project was the so-called tandem lift in which two cranes lift the five bridge parts across the A3 with impressive promptness. The new motorway bridge, which was adapted to the future wider lane, was ready in less than 24 hours. The ultimate goal of all planning was to keep the impact on traffic on the highway and in the region as low as possible.



  • AC 500-2
  • GMK 6300L


Location: Regensburg, Germany
Period: July 2019


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