Precision operation at the Gunvor refinery in Ingolstadt, Germany

As part of the upcoming TÜV overhaul Gunvor's Ingolstadt refinery has been successively shutting down its facilities since the beginning of February. TÜV inspections are to be carried out until the beginning of April while various process plants are being maintained, modernized, and optimized in terms of energy and pollutant emissions.The work is to maintain the safety and efficiency of the plant. At the same time, it is an important part of daily operations. Several hundred employees and partner companies, amongst them Schmidbauer, are active on site for the project. Schmidbauer used 39 cranes from its Ingolstadt, Gräfelfing, Augsburg, Karlsruhe, Nuremberg, and Deggendorf sites in 2-shift operation. For project support, slingers, briefers as well as supervisors and lift-coordinators acted in the refinery.

Tandem lift and precision in the tightest of spaces:

As part of the project, flare containers of the PC D-1301 operating section were replaced. The assembly was carried out in the course of maintenance work in the flare area. Due to the good accessibility, the old D-1301 and the new D-1303 could be lifted quickly. Two cranes rotated the new container in a tandem lift, as it was delivered lying on its side.

In the PH plant section more equipment was installed and handed over to the following pipeline construction. For example, the F-661 was replaced in the Claus area. Cathandling was carried out on Claus and Sulfreen reactors as well as extensive base scope measures in which critical valves were overhauled. The tight installation site required precision work and was one of the challenges.

The D-101 overhead drum was retired after 60 years. In this complicated maneuver, the crawler crane lifted the new D-100 over a pipe bridge to then move it towards the auxiliary steel structure. The new tank was also moved to its new location.

Four E-109 E-Hs were replaced by two new E-109 I/Js. The four new E-109s are considerably more compact than the old ones, so that dismantling them presented a particular difficulty. Two cranes dismantled it via tandem lift.

The TA23 project work is expected to be completed by mid-April.


  • Special assembly cranes AC40 & AC45
  • Telescopic cranes 80 t to 350 t
  • Crawler crane LTR1100
  • Mobile construction cranes MK 88 / MK 110 & MK 140
  • 2 trucks for cross transport
  • Various work, machine and rescue cages, as well as various Modulift lifting-beams, chain-spreaders, and special lifting gear were used.

Location: Gunvor refinery Ingolstadt
Date: 17.02.2023 – 06.04.2023

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