SAP Garden: Gigantic highlight arena for Munich

Munich's new arena highlight is in the middle of the construction phase. It is being built in the Olympic Park, the green sporting heart of the state capital, so the name fits quite well: SAP Garden. The multifunctional hall commissioned by Red Bull is something very special. This is not only due to the curved architecture with a green roof that reflects the hills of the site. In the future, the SAP Garden will function as a home for both the basketball department of FC Bayern Munich and the ice hockey club EHC Red Bull Munich. In six to eight hours, the hall will be adaptable to the respective playing surface. The ice surface is simply covered with a multifunctional floor. Two sports events in one day – easily possible. 12,500 spectators have space. The hall will also be available for concerts.

In good tradition, the Schmidbauer Group is involved in the project on the site of the Olympic cycling stadium, which was demolished in 2015. Right from the start – since the preparations for the 1972 Olympic Games – the mobile crane and heavy-duty specialist was involved in the design of the Olympic Park and its facilities. The fact that the innovative 150 million euro project is now being tackled is due to its reputation as a strong, competent partner that has endured over the decades.

The tasks on the construction site are demanding. A maximum of two mobile cranes can work in the arena at the same time. In these cramped conditions, Schmidbauer takes care of the assembly of precast concrete parts and steel construction. Completely cast parts are put together like a jigsaw puzzle - with the difficulty that the elements weigh tons. All crane classes of all sizes are used alternately: Mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 700 tons, 60t, 70t, 80t, 100t, 130t, 160t, 230t and 650t mobile construction cranes. This enormous logistical effort can only be carried out with meticulous planning. Since August 2022, Schmidbauer has already orchestrated more than 50 assignments lasting up to four weeks.

The construction is expected to last until spring 2024. Then the Olympic Park will have one more innovation.


Equipment: Mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 700 tons: 60t, 70t, 80t, 100t, 130t, 160t, 230t and 650t mobile construction cranes.

Location: Olympiapark, Munich

Date: August 2022 – probably spring of 2024

(Fotocredit: Flo Hagena)