The heaviest transport Schmidbauer ever did: The Streitgrabenbrücke

In May of 2020 Schmidbauer transported the heaviest weight in its company history: the 1600 t Streitgraben Bridge over the A8 Autobahn near Stuttgart.

The transport of this gigantic bridge had brought traffic on the A8 to a complete standstill over the weekend. The closure in the direction of Karlsruhe and Munich lasted from Saturday evening and was to be lifted on Sunday afternoon.

The bridge was pushed across the highway on special equipment and with the help of a total of 50 employees from several trades. Four heavy-duty modular transporters (SPMTs) with 2000 horsepower and 224 tires moved the bridge at a snail's pace across the highway. The structure, which was prefabricated in nine months right adjacent to the Autobahn, took only 20 minutes to be picked up by the SPMTs at the supporting yokes and shoved across the highway. In slow motion of less than one kilometer per hour - and yet the main part of the bridge was already placed in its final position on temporary supports at around 4 a.m. on Sunday morning.

From the end of 2021, the U6 city rail line is expected to cross the bridge to the trade fair and airport. Detours have been set up. The A8 federal highway is one of the most important traffic arteries in the country.1



  • 8x 4-axis SPMT + 4x 6-axis SPMT + four PPU Z390 + 4 drivers


Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Period: Mai 2020


Ranking of Schmidbauer top weights in the past 30 years:

  • 1990: 850 t steel construction, 150 m long with 5 cranes at the Munich Airport
  • 2015: 950 t monopile, 85 m long and 8 m diameter – single lift with LR11350 in Belfast
  • 2018: 1150 t ship section, 42 x 28 m loadingh in Hamburg with 2 x 24-axle SPMT
  • 2013: 1200 t bridge, 120 m long with 3 cranes at the Störbrücke Itzehoe
  • 2019: 1350 t monopiles, 80 m long and 8 m diameter with 2 x 24-axle SPMT in Nordenham
  • 2020: 1600 t bridge, 80 m long with 4 x14-axle SPMT in Stuttgart
  • > 2000 t coming soon



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