Transport of a ship engine with 12 axles SPMT

A ship engine with a weight about 100 tons, which was stored on trestles in a hall in Hamburg's Roßhafen, was transported to MAN Energy Solution on 12 SPMT axles.

In March 2020 Schmidbauer was responsible for the transport of a ship engine for the customer Bigmove with a 12-axis SPMT. The entire assembly, configuration and operation of the SPMTs was taken over and carried out by our experts. The vehicle had to be maneuvered into the warehouse to accommodate the engine and the trestles. The acceptance of the load was made more difficult by the considerable differences in height and the limited space on the routes and in the hall. It was only possible to successfully maneuver out of the hall by means of constant level adjustment and the steering programs of the SPMT.

The transport through the port area of ​​the Roßhafen was approx. 800m. Here, too, due to the very uneven road surface, the transport was carried out with constant level adjustment to the MAN Energy Solution. There the engine was unloaded using an indoor crane.



  • Scheuerle SPMT G4 12 axes + 1 PPU
  • Material container


Location: Hamburg, Roßhafen
Period: 17.03.2020