Transporting and lifting of a heat exchanger and steam drum

Cross transport of a 160 t heat exchanger and a 35 t steam drum within the Unipetrol plant in Litvinov, Czech Republic.

Then alignment by means of an auxiliary crane and lifting over a pipe rack with subsequent lifting over the building roof.
The 14-axle self-propelled Powerboosters picked up the 160 t heat exchanger and moved it within the plant to the main crane.

Now the trailing crane was positioned behind the transporter. The main and tracking crane and the main beam was attached. Our special deflection rollers were used. After erecting the heat exchanger, it had to be lifted over an existing pipeline. Then the crane could swivel by 90 degrees and move by approx. 10 m. Only shortly before being inserted into the roof opening could the component be turned into the correct position by means of guide ropes to avoid a collision with the mast of the crane. Now it was still necessary to insert the component into the building with centimeter precision.
The same procedure was followed with the steam drum. Here, the main crane had to be moved 3 m further back due to the interfering ege.

Thanks to our detailed planning, the lifting activites could be carried out very precisely.


Special features:
Construction length for the crane limited, so that the lifting height of the crane was minimal à a high interferering edge required a special method statement for lifting, which had to be followed exactly. Spreader Beam with roller set for lifting



  • LR 1600/2 HSLDB 78 m
  • GMK 6300
  • Intercombi power booster with 14 axles
  • Modulift spreader beam with deflection rollers


Location: Litvinov, Czech Republic
Period: October 2019