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Everything from a single source – winning services

With 80 years of experience in handling extremely heavy loads, we can offer you a professional solution for any kind of task.

Our sales and engineering experts encounter the most diverse requirements and challenges with much specialist knowledge and high competency and, thereby, support you in every phase of the contract to find a resource-saving and technically optimal solution.

We work in confidence and cooperation with you, because a concept and a plan which has been agreed upon prevents delays in the process, establishes transparence as well as cost efficiency for the overall period of implementation.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to flexibility that relates to the daily business, in the form of prompt dispatch of our equipment, as well as the implementation of complex projects.

Our specifically trained staff does not only provide for smooth administration and implementation of your requests, but is also available for you 24/7.

How can we support you? – Get an overview of Linkour equipment.

We think in other dimensions

We gladly accept confrontation with your complicated tasks - they always motivate us to new methods!

Our core competence puts us in the position to be able to handle any challenge: whether logistic, technical or personnel – we will prepare you an individual concept, but also develop alternative solutions and advise you before the start of the project. While doing so, we check the respective requirements for each project in detail and provide you  the optimum solution based on these results.

Thereby, our service spectrum extends from standard solutions up to special assignments and guarantees you the Best-Practice solution for each application..

Because each lift and transport places special demands on people and technology, within the framework of the engineering we create a project-specific lift study and evaluate the technical feasibility based on the situations on-site.

In addition, a risk analysis, including risk evaluation, indicates the potential  problems to you and clearly shows with which preventative measures we can combat these, in order to carry out the process smoothly and safely in the different phases.

Thus, we can ensure maximum Linksecurity and quality at all times.