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Time to Turn: The second wind turbine in Freimann was erected with the support of Schmidbauer

Support for the erection of Munich's second wind turbine with the lifts of the rotor blades and the stator.


In the course of the expansion program for renewable energies, an initiative of SWM Stadtwerke München, a second wind turbine was erected in the north of the Bavarian capital in December 2020. Since the beginning of 2021, the "big sister" of the wind turbine, which has been supplying the city with energy since 1999, has been in operation. In the future, the new one in the north of Munich will produce green electricity for 2,800 households.


The wind turbine was built on the North-West landfill site in Freimann. Schmidbauer was contracted to erect the turbine on the hilltop of the former landfill site of Abfallwirtschaftsbetrieb München (AWM). After the concrete foundation was completed, the heavy lifting began. Weighing 92 tons, the stator, which together with the rotor forms the so-called ring generator, was the heaviest element. The cranes on site faced the challenge of safely lifting the part, which has a diameter of around eight meters, into the air. After successfully assembling the first four tower segments as well as the rotor and the hub, the cranes were needed again to hoist the rotor blades. The three blades, each 69 meters long, had to be lifted to a height of around 80 meters. Thanks to Schmidbauer's experience and precision work, the project was completed to the satisfaction of all parties on site. With the erection of the new "landmark", whose uppermost point is 687 meters above sea level, not only Schmidbauer has successfully mastered another prestigious project in the field of sustainability, but the city of Munich is also one step further in the production of climate-friendly electricity.



  • CC 2400-1  SSL 96 m + LF 12 m
  • ATF 200G-5
  • LTM 1130-5.1
  • 100 wooden mats
  • Merlo fork lift 6 t


Location: Munich Landfill North-West – highest point at 687 meters above sea level

Duration: December 2020


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