Construction industry

For your construction project, rely on a constructive partner who ensures efficient and transparent implementation.

With a future-oriented approach Schmidbauer keeps pace with the time of constant change. Whether for buildings or traffic routes – wherever we are involved innovative opportunities are created to reinforce economic growth. Experienced professionalism meets a smooth all-round service in the fields of structural and civil engineering as well as bridge, steel, residential and hall construction.

Our service portfolio:


  • Verification of technical feasibility including site inspection and route planning
  • Coordination of project processes including haulage of required parts
  • IT-based simulation for detailed visualization of the project processes


  • Disassembly and installation of road, motorway and railway bridges
  • Lifting roofs (for example in sports stadiums)
  • Installation of connecting bridges
  • Installation of prefabricated parts
  • Setting up radio masts and installation of radio systems technology
  • Site logistics
  • Steel construction installation
  • Installation and dismantling of tower cranes

Our Projects from construction industry spectacular references

Enormous performance in a gigantic undertaking: The Tesla Gigafactory

Max Bögl, a giant in its industry and one of the largest construction, technology, and service companies in the German construction industry, is building what is currently the newest and most modern plant for Tesla in Brandenburg/Grünheide and has brought Schmidbauer on board as a "relieving helper" – an order that is quite demanding and that Schmidbauer successfully masters. "We are very pleased to be part of such a big project," says Schmidbauer project manager Alexander Lerch, who represents the company on the large job site.

In keeping with Tesla's philosophy, construction is a constant process of learning and optimization which is why the small buildings were build in the beginning of the project. Between time management and approvals, there is also quite a bit of concrete mass to handle. The building is largely created from precast concrete elements which are delivered by rail directly from the Max Bögl plant in Sengenthal and Hamminkeln. The station logistics are completely managed by Schmidbauer.

Among other things, the tasks include unloading rail cars and trucks, storage, and the transport of precast concrete components to the construction site. Schmidbauer has a lot to offer – in the truest sense: A total of 710 tons of crawler cranes and 14 men per shift are needed to cope with the undertaking. A C2500, a S5500, and a LR 1280 are used with main boom as well as a 6-axle SPMT with PPU.

Schmidbauer's principle of "relieving on all levels" is implemented in 24/6 modell. The rail wagons are unloaded by means of a crawler crane. Professional equipment technology, skilled personnel, and special lifting gear for handling the components are provided by Schmidbauer to actively support the construction project.
500,000 cars of the new Model Tesla Y SUV will soon be built here, creating 12,000 new jobs. Being part of such a project is a "gigantic" experience for everyone involved.



  • LR 1280
  • Kobelco C2500
  • Sennebogen S5500
  • 6-Axes-SPMT + PPU


Location: Grünheide/Berlin, Germany

Period: since October 2020


Learn more about the gigantic operation here:,-wie-tesla-in-gruenheide-gelandet-ist-_arid,1929806.html


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