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For your energy project, use our comprehensive services for on-time execution and fast supply.

Schmidbauer is the pioneer for stable voltage. We recognized the power sources of the future at an early stage and have successfully accepted the technological challenges of the energy industry. Our intensive experience and multimodal logistics concepts guarantee perfectly synchronized coordination even under extreme conditions.

Our services:

  • Installation of onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • Maintenance work on and extensions of conventional power plants
  • Installation and transfer of transformers
  • Pipeline construction
  • Installation of new power station components
  • Maintenance work in nuclear power plants
  • Handling of biomass plants

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A lot of wind around Sweden

Schmidbauer supports the erection of 11 wind turbines in Northern Europe.

The internationally active family-owned company is working with its equipment on one of the longest construction sites in Scandinavia.

Schmidbauer gives a lot of support in upgrading the wind turbines in Sweden. Schmidbauer has been commissioned by the EMS-FEHN-Group (EFG Scandinavia AS). The assignment: Lifting of components for the erection of 11 wind turbines. Sweden wants to use wind power to generate more energy in order to reduce the use of nuclear power plants. This commitment is not only about expanding business in Scandinavia, but also about continuing to focus on wind energy projects.
During the eight-month project, a crawler crane will be in operation on the 70 km long construction site. The CC3800-1, with a lifting capacity of 650 tons, is strong enough to handle such a project. With this equipment, Schmidbauer is well equipped to erect wind turbines with heights of over 165 m.
Despite the low temperatures, Schmidbauer is always well armed and ready for further projects in the Scandinavian region.



  • CC 3800-1


Location: Ramsele, Sweden


Period: July 2020



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