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Schmidbauer is the pioneer for stable voltage. We recognized the power sources of the future at an early stage and have successfully accepted the technological challenges of the energy industry. Our intensive experience and multimodal logistics concepts guarantee perfectly synchronized coordination even under extreme conditions.

Our services:

  • Installation of onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • Maintenance work on and extensions of conventional power plants
  • Installation and transfer of transformers
  • Pipeline construction
  • Installation of new power station components
  • Maintenance work in nuclear power plants
  • Handling of biomass plants

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Project Logistics for Power Plant Components from Siemens Berlin to Theiss Power Plant

Transport of 30 power plant components by barge from Berlin via Krems with onward carriage to the Theiss power plant.

The thermal power plant Theiß, located in Lower Austria, is the most powerful power plant of EVN AG in Lower Austria with a capacity of about 800 megawatts. It produces both electricity and district heating for the city of Krems. The power plant can guarantee a continuous output by being able to start up without any supply of electricity from the grid. The power plant consists of two blocks, the first of which was commissioned in 1974 and the second in 1976. Three back-up gas turbines also belong to the thermal power plant. One of these three gas turbines was used for construction but was purchased from Norway for general refurbishment.

In order to transport this gas turbine for the thermal power plant from Berlin to Krems, Schmidbauer was commissioned to provide support. Schmidbauer provided an inland vessel with the required capacity for the transport, supervised the loading activities in the Berlin harbor, and provided a harbor crane for unloading the barge as well as two telescopic cranes for unloading the heavy components. On site Schmidbauer also supported the assembly of Siemens' own SPMT and JS-125 Gantry. Schmidbauer accompanied and supported the transport of the gas turbine with its own special vehicles along the entire route from the port of Berlin to Tisza.



  • inland vessel
  • 350-ton telescopic crane
  • 400-ton telescopic crane
  • 70-ton telescopic crane
  • 12 axle intercombi
  • 12 axle THP-ET
  • 7 axle semi truck
  • 3 axle semi truck
  • load distribution
  • technician
  • 2 x lifting platforms 20 m
  • 16-ton forklift
  • special chains, shortenable


Location: Berlin (Germany), Krems (Austria) and Tisza (Hungary)

Period: April to June 2020


Here you can see the video recordings from EVN of our mission:

Schmidbauer Crane Rental

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