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For your energy project, use our comprehensive services for on-time execution and fast supply.

Schmidbauer is the pioneer for stable voltage. We recognized the power sources of the future at an early stage and have successfully accepted the technological challenges of the energy industry. Our intensive experience and multimodal logistics concepts guarantee perfectly synchronized coordination even under extreme conditions.

Our services:

  • Installation of onshore and offshore wind turbines
  • Maintenance work on and extensions of conventional power plants
  • Installation and transfer of transformers
  • Pipeline construction
  • Installation of new power station components
  • Maintenance work in nuclear power plants
  • Handling of biomass plants

our projects from energy industry spectacular references

Transport of ring shots and Monopiles for Taiwan

Steelwind Nordenham GmbH has been commissioned to produce 80 monopiles (MPs) for the Yunlin Offshore Wind project in Taiwan. Each of the MPs weigh between 100 t and 1,500 t, there is an outlier with 1,780 t.
40 MPs are produced in one piece, 40 MPs only in 2 or 3 sections in order to assemble them in Taiwan (promotion of local content.)
Just-in-time transports of sheet shots and monopiles within the Steelwind factory premises ensure smooth production.
By means of a 12-axle SPMT the steel plates loaded by our partner Rhenus Midgard Nordenham are brought to the bending machines. The bent shell sections are loaded on cassettes and temporarily stored at defined locations on the site.


Sheet shot logistics (3 x 4-axle SPMT + Steelwind PPU)
Schmidbauer is given the task of moving prefabricated sections on cassettes within the plant in the area of sheet shot logistics.

Regular tasks:
- prepare the cassettes according to the required supports in alignment to the production plan
- provision of empty cassettes within the production
- remove the loaded cassettes from production
- keep an overview of the loaded cassettes and make them available to Steelwind
- storage of sheet shot/twins according to the production plan
- supply required sheet shots to the production according to the production plan
- after "freeing" the bearing, clean and clearing
- stack wood as specified
- cleaning and maintenance of the equipment made available

Irregular tasks:
- lead large components to the load-out

Sheet shot logistics (48-axles SMPT + Steelwind PPU)
Storage of the MPs on bearing blocks
Just-in-time provision of MP's up to 1,400 t for load-out using 2 x 800 t ring cranes

Special features of the assignment:
Personnal in 3-shift system Mo-Sa, for loading also on Sunday


Here you can watch the Video from Dyneema :



  • Scheuerle SPMT G4  24 + 42 axes
  • 4 PPU

Location: Nordenham, Blexen (Bremerhaven), Germany
Period: June 2019 to June 2020

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