Target markets


Construction industry

The construction industry provides the physical infrastructure for life and forms the basis for the production of goods and services. Furthermore, a key factor in terms of economic growth, the issue of mobility is continually presenting companies with new challenges. Profit from our many years of experience and competence – we provide a considerable contribution to the realization of your projects

  • Building construction and civil engineering,
  • Bridge construction and
  • Steel construction.

We assist you with the complex planning process, analysing the technical feasibility of your project (building site inspections and route inspections) and coordinating project progress including transportation of the required parts. In addition, we also use IT-based simulation to enable you to visualize the various stages in detail.

Amongst others, our services in the field of construction include

  • Disinstallation/dismantling and installation of road, motorway and railway bridges
  • Lifting roofs into position (e.g. in sports stadiums)
  • Installation of connecting bridges
  • Installation of prefabricated parts
  • Installing radio masts and providing systems engineering
  • Construction site logistics
  • Steel construction installation/hall construction
  • Dismantling/installation of tower cranes

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